KAJUKENBO…..The Power of 5….the Ultimate Martial Art!

The Power of 5: Kajukenbo in Albany, NY

America’s Original “Mixed Martial Art” System circa 1947 is called KAJUKENBO!

It’s what you always thought a Martial Art style should be..our students say it’s like MARTIAL ARTS on steroids.

The name “Kajukenbo” itself is a blend of the core styles incorporated into the system: The Power of 5

This diverse fusion of styles from Japan, China, and the United States was intended to create a martial art that was not only versatile but also practical for real-life self-defense scenarios.

Kajukenbo’s adaptability and effectiveness are credited to its ability to blend the circular and linear movements of Sil Lum Kung Fu, making it suitable for combat at various ranges.

What sets Kajukenbo apart is its continual evolution and relevance even in the twenty-first century. Unlike many traditional martial arts that remain rigidly tied to their origins, Kajukenbo has progressed and adapted, much like technology.

This adaptability ensures that practitioners are well-equipped to handle modern-day threats, whether from unarmed or armed attackers. Training in Kajukenbo emphasizes real-life scenarios, preparing students to respond quickly and effectively to various self-defense situations.

Interestingly, the art has found a dedicated following among adult men aged 30 to 55+, who appreciate the rigorous, old-school training methods that help them regain physical vitality and look forward to their weekly training sessions.

This timeless martial art continues to inspire and empower individuals across generations, proving its enduring value in the realm of self-defense.

Unleash your INNER WARRIOR and become that BAD A$$ you always wanted to be….

Albany, NY Kajukenbo 👊🏻

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