Don’t panic….This isn’t another “NEW YEAR – NEW YOU” article.

There are enough of those posts, TV & Radio spots..…So let’s SKIP all the NEW YEAR BS

No 6 Week Challenges, No Transformation Contests, No waking up at ZERO DARK THIRTY and being FREAKING MISERABLE…or joining the GLOBO GYM for a $1 down…Nonsenseditch the gym

If all that WORKED you would already be in Top Shape, both physically and mentally.

THE EMPIRE difference is simple and really effective whether you’re in shape or need to get in shape quickly….

OK…so this year, you don’t need to revolutionize yourself.

Just change a few things, is all. FIRST DITCH THE GYM

2ND: Actually find a training program you LOVE and will STICK with and look forward to at the end of your day.

TRUE STORY….we have helped dozens of people in just the last 6 months. They gave our program a shot and it changed their lives, losing 20,30,40 and even 112 pounds.

All that at their own pace and they had a BLAST DOING it!

My cousin called me about this wild class she started and said I should try it out. I had no idea what she was talking about, but her enthusiasm got me. The next week I came to my first Krav Maga class and fell in love. It’s empowering in so many ways. The best part, however, is the team behind it all: Alan, Cheryl, and Liam go above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and like they belong. I am not athletic, I had no experience, and they met me where I was, guiding me in the most encouraging way. I now look forward to this class every single time! Highly recommend! Lizzie H

As we enter our 20th year in business, I’ve found that people have become frustrated and just don’t know where to start….YOU don’t need to reinvent the wheel—you just need to make a few changes. That is where we excel and help keep you accountable and you will meet some AWESOME people as well.

3RD: NO BORING CARDIO. Our programs are a Total Body Workout which will get you toned, help you lose weight (just eat sensibly) and feel AMAZING

Our clients come in smiling, Adult students smiling even if they had a crappy day as they know they will FEEL FREAKING great by the time they leave. They will have knocked that STRESS out and get more energized as when you look and feel good your MIND makes a shift

A SIMPLE CHANGE relieves the mental pressure we inevitably put ourself under. It also banishes the boredom of going it ALONE at the GYM.

So this year, why not change things up?

I know we can help you and wouldn’t it be a good feeling to know you will actually achieve all your health and fitness goals…..and it’s only 2 days a week with a BONUS 3rd day if you like or NOT. Your choice…