CARBS are such a source of debate these days, and over the last 16 years we have helped hundreds of people ENJOY and learn how to CYCLE them for the best results.

We just had a family trip and had to dine out. So while we are traveling, eating out and FINDING cool restaurants and also GOOD coffee. Seems simple but can be a challenge, LOL

So when you are traveling or attending work functions, I know that eating on the road and in general can be tough.

It is why I love Carb Cycling and it is a super simple strategy that works incredibly well. OK, what is CARB CYCLING?  Simple …. you focus certain days on eating lower carb and other days where you include higher carb meals. Just make sure you also add in a Good protein and a salad or steamed veggies and YES even a few burgers just avoid the fries.

CARB CYCLING this way allows you to see faster results, and it take the STRESS out of counting MACROS and that makes it simple and enjoyable.

OK…so carb cycling allows for this kind of flexibility in your nutrition.  And the crazy diets telling you to “cut out foods” don’t last.

Also the super new age pans & diets telling you to “count everything” don’t last and will mess with you mentally. And who wants to be CRANKY and IRRITABLE when you sit down to enjoy a meal at the end of the day or at a work luncheon?

So what we tell all our clients every week:

 SIMPLY: The diets that aren’t enjoyable don’t last…..We can HELP, just ASK and you will be our next SUCCESS story