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We are passionate about living a healthy and balanced life and we have lived it (and continue to live it) daily for the last 19 years….& YES 🥰 we run our business together, while raising 2 children, both boys. What a journey….and our vision is crystal clear…..
To EMPOWER, EDUCATE and MOTIVATE people who are ready to make a change and live a strong, healthy life, manage stress, increase their flexibility, strengthen their body and develop confidence in all aspects of their lives.
That is THE EMPIRE WAY…. and WHY we both love hearing when our clients tell us they can’t wait to get to class….
Hi…I’m Alan…i have been training in the Martial Arts for 49 YEARS….WOW almost 5 decades and I still wake up every day EXCITED to continue my personal JOURNEY.
It all started with getting BULLIED…and then learning to believe in myself and truly be me…this lead to great success in the Corporate world where the drive, perseverance and MENTAL fortitude I forged through training, allowed me to quickly move up the corporate ladder, quickly getting results as a driver/route sales (100%) commission) to being one of the fastest promoted division managers.
I don’t use titles like MASTER or GRANDMASTER as I am truly a SEEKER of knowledge and on a personal quest to improve myself daily, my goals are simple…to me those titles…means training is done…at EMPIRE there is no KOW-TOWING…I’m just ALAN on the floor as I teach because RESPECT is earned not given based on title.
YES, I hold many BLACK BELT certifications…BUT my first one was the LIFE CHANGER and holds a special place in my heart. I have used those skills in the ring competing and unfortunately in REAL life as well..
I never ask a student to do anything I won’t do right alongside of them…and I LOVE sharing my knowledge and seeing it change peoples lives…as the Martial Arts are both MENTAL and PHYSICAL.
I have been LUCKY to have studied and mentored under some of the top authorities in FULL CONTACT Martial Arts Systems:
KICKBOXING/Muay Thai, Shaolin Kung Fu, Real Stick Fighting (Ouch), KRAV MAGA, Military Combatives and Grappling systems: Catch Wrestling, Russian Sambo and in 1992 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BEFORE the 1st UFC). My base system is KAJUKENBO (The ORIGINAL mixed martial art)…that experience FORGED ME as a young man on so many levels and I continue on the path DAILY…
Happy Adult Martial Arts Students

We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your health and fitness goals

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