The Power of 5: Kajukenbo

Adult Martial Arts

KAJUKENBO…..The Power of 5….the Ultimate Martial Art! America’s Original “Mixed Martial Art” System circa 1947 is called KAJUKENBO! It’s what you always thought a Martial Art style should be..our students say it’s like MARTIAL ARTS on steroids. The name “Kajukenbo” itself is a blend of the core styles incorporated into the system: The Power of […]

Are you STUCK?…….And BORED with the GYM?

Are you STUCK?……..BORED with the GYM?  So were most of our members. We will help you set fitness goals and make a plan to reach them, it’s easier than you think and it CAN be a FUN and exciting process, as our PROGRAMS aren’t BORING and they are a BLAST. Just ask any of our […]

#1 Self Defense in Albany, NY ….. KAJUKENBO

Adult Martial Arts - Kajukenbo

KAJUKENBO is a highly effective Martial Art that has gained the reputation as the #1 Self Defense in Albany, New York. This unique Martial Arts style combines the best elements of Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Kenpo, and Boxing to provide students with practical techniques for real-life situations. Students of KAJUKENBO learn a variety of techniques, including strikes, […]